Making Metaverse Creation More Accessible


Conversation + Product Design Internship

In the summer of 2022, I joined Meta Reality Labs as a conversation design intern, working with their native VR metaverse app. Working with a platform packed with potential but hindered in key areas, I was given the task to streamline the process of building worlds by utilizing voice.

Through the next 12 weeks, I developed and pitched a multimodal feature to accomplish this accessibility issue - not only in a conversational aspect, but also the visual experience as well as working prototypes. Shiny prototypes and mockup screens are one thing, but where I learned the most was interaction flows, reaching out to the wonderful talented people near me for their expertise, as well as understanding unavoidable constraints and delivering a project that could be easily picked up where I left it off.



Multimodal design for unexplored problems

I tackled this creation problem space in both a conversational and visual design perspective. To communicate the strengths of my ideas holistically, I crafted prototypes with Figma, After Effects, and internal VR tools.


Connecting cross-functional teams and members

While designing my feature, I met with people working in various disciplines and teams of the product. Through their insights, my final solution benefitted their goals while I also identified areas for improvement in integration of our team’s work within their design systems.


Leaving a solid foundation

Although my 12 weeks did not leave me much time to develop my entire project in full fidelity, I strategically built out keystone features, leaving a timeline with sample frameworks and flows from which to expand upon if this project were to be picked up in the future.

Personal Takeaways


Communicating personal ambitions

I joined as a conversation design intern, but wanted to spend my summer exploring product design as well. By communicating my goals with my team and the potential impact of leveraging my skills, I utilized both skillsets to create more compelling solutions.


Advocating for your worth

Meetings with cross-functional team members resulted in me understanding their experiences but also their needs, leading to me identifying areas of improvement within operations and design systems - while also communicating the value of my support for their product.


People expand who you can be

I learned so much from asking for feedback from my team members, learning more about product feature timelines from cross-functional teams, even talking to people about their hackathon projects! Getting to grasps quickly in a very new environment was all thanks to talking to people around me.


I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work at Reality Labs. This project is under NDA, but I am open to sharing what I can at .


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